Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Desert threatened by off-road lobby and Bush Interior Dept. sneak attack; Desert stream conservation in White Mountains

Last month, Dept. of Interior political appointee Julie MacDonald visited the Algodones Dunes with off-roaders only to discuss roll-back of environmental protections. The off-road lobby already tried and failed to remove Endangered Species Act protections for the Peirson's milkvetch, but they keep on trying and the Bush administration DoI/FWS seems eager to please.

MacDonald made no effort to involve conservation groups in her dunes visit, or reportedly even the local BLM office.

Conservation groups are fighting for continued conservation and recovery of the milkvetch and at least 17 other endemic species found only on the Algodones Dunes, and threatened by off-road vehicles. The Algodones Dunes are near Yuma AZ within the California Desert Conservation Area, and are the nation's largest sand dunes.

The off-road lobby is also pushing to remove habitat conservation east of the dunes, and public safety provisions at Comp Hill, scene of much off-road related nighttime violence.

Below is text from a recent off-road lobby newsletter on these issues. Conservation groups have asked US Rep. Filner, and Senators Boxer and Feinstein to show support for dunes conservation.


Fwd: What's New In the ASA - May 05

A Message from the ASA

*/Peirson's Milk vetch (PMV) Delisting/*

The ASA hosted a field trip for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Julie MacDonald. During the visit to the dunes ASA Botanical Consultant, Art Phillips briefed MacDonald and her staff on the growth of the PMV this season. The field trip was part of ASA's concerted effort to have the abundant PMV removed from the list of endangered species. The ASA is producing a new DVD to document the growth of the Peirson's milk vetch (PMV) during the past five years and particularly this year. The video footage is complete and the script is currently being edited. The final product will be available by June 1st and will be used during discussions related to the delisting of the PMV.

*/Comp Hill /*

The ASA Board has formally requested that the Imperial County Sheriff's Office and BLM reassess the need for a dusk to dawn curfew at Comp Hill at Glamis.

/*26,000 Acres East of Glamis:*/

Congressman Duncan Hunter has sent a letter to the BLM CA State Director requesting that the approximately 26,000 acres east of the railroad tracks adjacent to Highway 78 and the Boardmanville Road be reopened to camping. This inquiry is the direct result of the March
2005 OHV visit to Washington DC.


Los Angeles Times -- May 31 05 -- latimes.com


Divided Road
Preservationists, 4-wheelers tangle with agencies over White Mountains plan.

Daniel Patterson, an ecologist for the Center for Biological Diversity, says it's inappropriate to run a road through a wetland. The debate over
Furnace Creek Road, he says, has become "a line in the sand because the White Mountains are a spectacular place, one of the wildest places left in California. It's an outstanding place and people who live in Inyo and Mono counties know this."


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