Monday, May 30, 2005

War dead RIP; Keep the sunshine

Rest in peace to the millions of war dead of the past and present. We all still suffer because of war. Remember all war dead, both soldiers and civilians across the world. Remember war killed environments worldwide.

Remember it is important to do more to stop it. Driving and consuming less is a good way to start. Oil and natural resources are often at the heart of true war motives.

When will we stop the killing? Killing for big dollars and resources. Killing for revenge. Killing as a national diversion away from big corporate and government attacks on quality of life at home. Killing pushed by the self-proclaimed 'pro-life' crowd.

Bush really should be impeached, pay back the $300B+ wasted in Iraq, then go to jail or be banned to Crawford TX 'ranch' for his crimes.

The 06 congressional elections are very important. Boot GOP zealots, boot spineless Dems, and Arizonans, boot Jon Kyl.

How many solid, well-organized Independents, Greens, etc. will step up to run, and win? Perhaps I will?

My 2 year old sings, "Please don't take my sunshine away". We must take back hope, and push positive ideas. Let's restore the clear sunshine, clean rain, and fresh world for future generations.

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