Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Council candidates bright for Tucson

At least Tucson has some better city council candidates this year running against the Republican-right bozos.

Steve Farley and Nina Trasoff are two dems facing off against GOP incumbent Fred Ronstadt in Ward 6. Farley has my support in the primary, but Trasoff is also strong. Both are running 'clean' campaigns, while Fred is not. We are lucky to have their one-two punch against Fred, and their focus on important public-interest issues the current mayor and council are weak on, such as sustainable development and transportation.

Karen Ulich, another progressive dem, is taking on incumbent Kathleen Dunbar, Fred's right hand man on the council. Ulich has no other dem challenger in a primary, so she is already focused on booting Dunbar.

Steve Leal, arguably the most progressive voice now on the council, is running seemingly unopposed in the southside Ward 5, where I live with my family as a registered independent.

Tucsonans who want change in the city have people to support this political season, so step up to do some work and support them. Fred and Dunbar have been around too long, and the rules of democracy suggest it is a healthy time to vote them out.

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