Monday, June 13, 2005

Dead piling up in Iraq as Americans pig out

Now over 1,700 US troops killed. Over 12,000 badly wounded. Likely well over 100,000 Iraqis, many innocent children and women, dead or maimed.

Contrary to their simplistic spin for dolts and corporate media, the Bush administration has no morals or ethics in Iraq -- just greed, stupidity, and death.

Many good Americans are complaining, but are we really willing to sacrifice our over the top consuming lifestyles to improve global friendships and sustainability. Our 'pig nation' desire for more natural resources and 'made in China' products is a top threat to our national security.

Start by driving less, living more simply, and considering our small planet we all have to share. If the rest of the world and nature keeps turning against us, we are doomed no matter how strong our military.


aleah said...

Sage advice...I do not understand people - all of the information we have readily available to us, and yet we continue to make poor decisions in search of our our temporary pleasure fixes. (SUVs, fashion, fast food, gadgets, etc...)

DRP said...

Jane -- Thanks for the views from Canada.