Saturday, June 11, 2005

Mt. Lemmon fees reduced by Forest Service

Thank you Coronado National Forest, good idea. People need a break. Fees for hiking trailhead use should also be dropped.

Accoring to this article, under the 04 Act USFS should not be trying to charge for dispersed camping in areas with no facilities.

Ticketing should stop on undeveloped lands, but we'll see if rangers will honor this. The public should watch to make sure USFS does not start developing more public lands in a quest to extend fees.


-- June 11 05

Mt. Lemmon fees reduced

By Mitch Tobin

Visitors to eight scenic vistas along Mount Lemmon Highway no longer have to pay fees just to park there and admire their public lands, the Forest Service announced Friday.

But the toll booth will remain on the road up the Santa Catalina Mountains because the Coronado National Forest will still charge $5 a day at picnic sites and trailheads.

Another six sites on the Coronado and Prescott national forests also will lose their fees because the recreation areas don't have enough amenities to justify charging visitors.


The Forest Service was required to re-examine its fees under the 2004 Recreation Enhancement Act. According to the act, fees can be charged only at day-use sites with certain facilities, such as permanent toilets, designated parking, interpretive signs and picnic tables.

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