Friday, June 03, 2005

Public lands 'free' from shakedowns this Saturday

Those generous feds at the US Depts. of Interior and Agriculture have decided to give the people a day off Saturday from the controversial public lands 'fee-demo' program.

Both Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have created dozens of fee-demo areas nationwide since the 90s covering millions of acres, including the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, charging $5 a day for people to simply visit their public lands.

The fees are voluntary, for the most part, but agencies are using recent bad moves in congress to up the enforcement shakedowns. Tickets, or 'notices of opportunity to pay', have largely never been enforced if people choose not to pay, but that may be changing under our advancing police state.

Fee-demo discriminates against poor people, and freedom loving Americans, who until recently were not double taxed for visiting their undeveloped public lands.

But tomorrow you can forget about the feds 'fee-demo' scam and enjoy your public lands again for free.

The other 364 days be prepared to dodge rangers, or pay the man.

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