Monday, June 06, 2005

Saguaro commuters; Mt. Lemmon; Motown

Saguaro National Park's Tucson Mountains unit is suffering from urban sprawl and traffic. Too many people living in Avra Valley sprawl, west of Tucson, are now commuting fast through the park on Picture Rock Rd., making it one of the deadliest roads around for wildlife roadkill, and riskier also for cyclists and motorists.

The Park Service would like to close or restrict the road to protect park values, but the decision lies with Pima County. The best solution is for an alternative route around the north end of the Tucsons, and then stop through traffic on Picture Rocks. RTA should be planning this as a project to go to the voters.

Up on the Catalinas this weekend it was nice. A camper near us was ticketed by the freddies with an 'opportunity to pay', but on the 'free' day. I guess the fee shakedown never stopped on Mt. Lemmon. We escaped a ticket.

It was looking woody around Summerhaven. Many new homes and decks being built with a lot of wood, but supposedly 'fire wall' protections. Looks sketchy. Town area is cleared out, with most snags removed, but many people again planting trees near their homes and increasing fire risk. I should move up there with my family and start a bar.

Detroit Pistons beat Miami tonight, and my prediction marches on.

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Shaw said...

Picture Rocks Rd enters the park as a 3 mile stretch of winding road barely safe at the 20-35mph speed limits posted. Racing is hardly the term I'd use. The road has been there since 1912. It's no deadlier to wildlife than any other similar mountain road. I have yet to see any roadkill within that stretch of park or evidence (circling vultures... blood stains) of same. You seem to be the local naccissistic crackpot enviro-nazi with an overinflated opinion of yourself (as you seem to take the wrong side on everything). I live out here in Picture Rocks and that road is a vital link for many people who live here. People come first, 'Mr. Thinks He's a Bigshot'! You might be able to blow your Chicken Little smoke up Craighead's skirt 'cause I doubt much she's even driven the road or knows anything of the dynamic of the situation. You won't post this comment. Freedom of speech is only for those who agree with you.