Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Senate failure on global warming dooms SW sprawl

Rejecting mandatory cuts in global warming pollution, the US Senate today chumped-out and rejected a bill by my Senator Mr. McCain (R-AZ) and J. Lieberman (D-CT).

Sen. McCain did a good job explaining that the science is clear and we must do something now, but a majority of Senators did not follow his leadership today on global warming.

Some GOP Senators voted to cut pollution, and some Dems voted not to. This reminds me of why I am an Independent.

It has been 117+ this week in parts of Arizona. Without cuts now the planet could warm by 10 degrees F over the next century. 127 in 2100. Imagine sand dunes covering condos. Heat waves rising high in to the sky. Way hotter nights. Vultures circling, bones on the ground, and few people around.

Our oven-like desert heat will finally put a stop to urban sprawl by 2100, but watch out Canada as Yankees head for water and cooler air.

Today the Senate ignored their responsibility. Some Senators and industry promote voluntary cuts, but that is not the job of the Senate. The Senate is there to make laws to protect the public interest, not just ask industry to please cut back to keep us all from frying.

Some corporations, such as GE, have even called for mandatory small cuts in emissions, signaling a rising sense of urgency and desire for clear standards. This also shows how radically bad the Bush/GOP/Polluter position against required pollution cuts really is.

Even if the Senate won't mandate lower global warming pollution, the people can make it happen by using less power and driving less. An added bonus: this will also save you money and improve your health.

Keep on sweatin'.


mid said...

I grew up in Phoenix and I totally agree with you, but...

Ever been to Abu Dhabi, UAE? Al Asad, Iraq? People live in 125+ degF weather surprisingly happily.

DRP said...

but they are likely tougher than most Americans.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

And, they also dress more appropriately for the climate.

Forget about conservation habits, it's all about fashion!