Thursday, July 07, 2005

Nations that live by the bomb die by the bomb

No one killed or injured today in London deserved it, but Tony Blair's arrogance and stupidity in joining Bush in the Iraq war likely brought this tragic terrorist attack to the UK.

The Iraq war has done little to curb terrorism, instead it stimulates hatred and new terrorists. Unbalanced one-sided support for Israel over a just solution for Palestine also fuels terrorism.

As Bush, Blair and others push war, citizens of their nations become targets. No thanks, gentlemen. You live and travel in bombproof security while the rest of us face growing risks due to your unwise actions.

To put out the fire of terrorism, we must stop throwing the fuel of mid-east war on it.

Only through peace, fairness, and minding our own business will we stop this deadly madness.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you have posted something, in reference to London. I haven't slept much since that day.... in fact, I haven't slept well in a very long time. I wrack my brain asking myself, " Why?" Do you not think these ordiary folks are minding their own business? Were these people fair? They seemed very much like you and I..... asking questions, and leading quite ordinary lives. I do not believe anyone "pushes war" I do believe those others( terrorist )are just a bunch of murdering thugs, on a "new fad" of a killing spree... throwing in reasonings that suit their needs, as they go along. I am not quite sure that there is any answer. I am not going to say whether I agree with the war in Iraq or not... as it doesn't matter. I do not think those people want peace,fairness, and for anyone to mind their own business. I do think it is life as we know it.... man is forever destin to fight one another.... it's quite sad. Perhaps a dose of good education will help? I will think good thoughts if you do... ok?