Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The new old west of Cochise County

Spent the long family weekend down in Cochise County, the 'old west' as tourism types promote.

Many 'new west' ranchettes springing up near Sierra Vista, and too close to the San Pedro River. Not much water in the Old San P this weekend. I hope the river won't die.

Independence Day in Bisbee. Saw some friends. Fun, and some real southwestern Americana. Fire trucks blaring sirens in the parade, which was mostly tasteful except for the hicks with the jacked up chevy truck and confederate flag.

Kid water fun and music in the Warren park. Hand drilling contest in Brewery Gulch -- pound a rock for 10 minutes with a hammer and chisel to see who can make the deepest hole. It is an old mining tradition, kinda like Bisbee, with all the toxic mine tailings piles around and the pit. I did see some 'Fight Phelps Dodge' grafitti in town. Good idea.

Watched wild Gould's turkeys launching and flying to high sycamore tops in Ramsey Canyon at sundown. Very cool. About 10 of them, big ones. I thought about how I could hunt one somewhere else for Thanksgiving, but probably wont.

Huachuca Mountains looking green, and needing fire in some places. Gazed in to Sonora, but didn't go this time. Thanks, Frank, for the view.

Cochise County, a pretty nice place we should not spoil.

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