Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Support strike against ASARCO's unethical greed

Mine workers in Arizona are striking against mining giant ASARCO, owned by parent corporation Grupo Mexico. ASARCO wants to cut pay and benefits at a time copper is at high prices and profits are growing.

Most mining corporations have always been bad to their workers and the environment, but El Grupo is particularly notorious. The company smashed a miner rebellion in Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. There the mine abuses the land and water, putting workers, local children, rivers and wildlife at risk.

ASARCO has also torn up many areas around Tucson, including the Silverbell and Sierrita Mountains.

I'm with the miners on this, and I know some of the local Steelworkers Union reps. They are good guys. There is unified concern against ASARCO's unethical abuse of workers and the environment. I may try to join their picket line soon if I can.

The strike against ASARCO is a struggle for worker respect and challenge to abusive corporate practices so common with globalization. I say 'shut 'em down', but that may ultimately mean toublesome Arizona mines will be closed so El Grupo can mine more in South America, where they will try to be even more abusive to people and nature.

ASARCO is based in Tucson in a three-story copper plated building just east of Pima Community College's downtown campus, one block north of Speedway, and one block east of Stone.

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