Friday, July 01, 2005

Will moderates fight Bush court nominee?

Get ready to fight to keep the right-wing zealot Bush nominates off the US Supreme Court.

Expect Bush to pick someone rather extreme, with legal views hostile to abortion rights, environment, civil liberties, and labor; a John Ashcroft type. Perhaps a polite but far right woman, to deflect criticism from shifty liberals.

Does anyone really expect Bush to nominate a moderate? If so, I haven't heard it. About as likely as the US military getting out of Iraq this year.

Expect GOP Senators, and even some dems to support whoever the President proposes. 'Just give the nominee an up or down vote' they will say, arguing against possible filibuster attempts.

Dem leader Sen. Reid (D-NV) says he doesn't expect a big fight. Bad sign.

Have the dems gone spineless on this already? Will the 'save the filibuster' agreement come back to haunt us all?

Justice O'Connor, welcome back to Arizona, and thanks for the years of service. Your fair, independent and sometimes moderate views will be missed on the court.

UA will benefit from your teaching. Good opinion this session in favor of medical marijuana rights.

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