Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Air Force officer punished for defacing Bush signs


Veteran says no to Iraq war at Utah protest, Aug 22 05

DENVER -- Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau is accused of defacing pro-Bush bumper stickers and has been punished by military brass.

He has not yet been convicted of anything. So much for due process, or free speech.

Even if he did do it, it has nothing to do with his military service. Clearly the punishment of him is political.

Does anyone think an officer who was charged with trashing peace stickers would be punished by Rumsfeld's Pentagon? No.

We are again reminded that many in the military do not support Bush.

Shirt at anti-Bush, anti-war rally in Salt Lake City, Aug 22 05

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Jeneiene Schaffer said...

I want one of those shirts! ; )