Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bush immoral with on-going death occupations

Bush today said he 'understands' the feelings of people such as the mom who lost her son in Iraq camping out near his Crawford TX 'ranch'. But his disrespectful answer is to keep soldiers in place dying and killing in his Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Many remember when it was the Soviets warring in Afghanistan, now it is the red, white and blue. It is hopeless to try to 'win' there. Let the Afghans fight it out and determine their future. They may even choose peace if we'd let them down from the mountain caves.

W says 'it would send the wrong message to our enemy' if we withdrew from Iraq. His idea of the right message is keep occupying, dying, killing. This only brings more hatred and terrorism toward America. Bodies keep piling up, both US troops and Iraqis, and families destroyed by Bush's bloody stubborn ideaology of war.

Hearts worldwide are with the mom and others staking Bush out in Crawford. He should show some guts and come out to talk with them. I'm sure he won't because Karl Rove and Cheney won't let him. It would look weak to his insane warmongering supporters, and Bush may even have to open his mind to ending the bloodbath he's unethically created with lies.

Bush is commander in chief, but we all have the power. If we really want to stop war and live in peace we must live more simply and respect the world.

Stop buying so much gas, shopping at Wal-Mart, and hogging resources then saying we want peace, freedom and equality. Improve the world by changing our habits.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly believe if we all stopped shopping at wal-mart, rode our horses, and whatever else.... people with a terrorist mindset will consider peace??? You are living in one big 'ol fantasy world. I am a mom, and I feel for the mom who lost her son. He made the choice to defend OUR freedom( wich includes shopping at wal-mart...(alot of us cannot afford other stores)thank goodness for her son and for the many other brave men and women who defend us. I will agree that the President should meet with this woman, it would probably ease her mind to an extent. I still do not understand why you keep going on with this frame of mind... that if we all change our lifestyles...... it will make terrorist happy and they will stop killing people. I will agree that this nation needs to progress with our resource situation..... but I refuse to believe that I should change my way of life for killers. President Bush has been President for 5 years..... this nonsense has been going on for many many years. I am not sure of an answer... and by your posts.... you are not sure either.... bashing the prez does not solve anything.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

First, to Daniel: Wonderful post here and well written and well said. You get to the heart of the matter, I think.

Second, to 'anonymous': Bush is keeping up this illegal invasion he started with LIES to make money for his oil and industry buddies--NOT to protect our freedoms! This assumption would be laughable if not for the dangerous position we now find ourselves. The irony, the incomprehensible position is that Bush is using the tragedy of 911 to RESTRICT our so-called freedoms in the way of the Patriot Act and the department of homeland insecurity.

You assume that 'terrorism' never existed until 911. There have been 'terrorists' ever since there have been wars. The invasion and occupation of Iraq only creates more hatred of America not only in that country but around the world. If another country invaded this one, wouldn't you support defending it? Well, we invaded Iraq..perhaps they too have a right to defend themselves...

And before you shout out 'but what about 911?!!' let me remind you and others who watch Fox news, there has been NO connection between 911 and Iraq. Period!! The reasons for invading this country were based on LIES.

This is why the mother in Crawford is protesting.

Daniel and others are suggesting changing our lifestyles to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and on oil in general. Supporting and voting for measures that create alternative and sustainable energy sources. No, this will not simplistically stop 'terrorists' from killing, but it will stop war mongers like Bush from invading countries that have a rich supply of oil for us to steal by force-for that is ONLY reason why are there, why soldiers are dying and being mentally damaged, in the first place.

Anonymous said...

First of all............ I wasnt posting to YOU! Second I never mentioned 9/11????????? You did. I stated in my post that terrorism has been going on for many years. Everyone has the freedom of speech, and everyone has the freedom of hate as well...... no one has the right to kill. You may try and reason all you want with it.....still, blaming President Bush is not going to fix it. Although you may not agree with war...... it sure is protecting whatever you call dear. As far as Iraq....... Sadam was mass murdering, mass torchureing..... any stand up for human rights here???didnt think so.....Although, my thoughts are not clear enough yet about Iraq, I do know it was certainly a hotbed for terrorist and their like. Please try and remember that intelligence on Iraq wasnt clear enough...... something we have to work on. As far as the Patriot Act( and BTW I didnt mention that in my post either) because of days like 9/11 we certainly do have to live a tad differently. The Patriot Act doesn't affect me what so ever. I am guessing it affects mostly people who mean to do harm. I am thinking isn't it a shame that the GREAT US of A cannot be so welcoming as it once was do to people taking advatage of our willingness to offer everyone a better life.( yeah that is a good enough reason to hate us)There are many ideas out there as to what can be done ( ideas that apply to everyone)I listen, read, talk, about all sorts of ideas. I didnt know that I just watched Fox news???? You assume lots. Being book smart doesnt mean youre smart smart. Your own opinion just isnt your own when you post it. Please remember a few things....if you think you may speak for others... you may want to tone it down( you sound angry)... do not assume things( it only makes an ass out of you and me)and please try not to speak poorly about your President....... whether you like him or not, and whether you voted for him or not is not by any means an excuse to speak of that person like you hate him. It is quite undignified, and people will stop listening to what you are saying.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Oh, where to begin.....

Again, Bush did not begin the invasion to protect "what we hold dear" as you say. Do you remember the days not so long ago that our country was actually selling arms to Iraq our so-called 'enemy' when Saddam was in power? Hmmmm...I wonder why we would sell arms to a vicious dictator..surely not to protect "what we hold dear".

Now, let's stop here and think about all the countries around the world who are led by mean bad guys whose populace have screamed out and begged for help from our country. Sudan comes immediately to mind. Did we help? No we did not. Not until an international outcry that lasted many years did we help. Why the delay? Because 1)they are country of blacks and we know how much we care about them and 2) they have no resources we want to plunder and steal.

Our country has a long history of invading countries to steal their stuff and install capitalism.

Why did I mention 911? Well, Bush has milked that tradegy to the point of embarrassment to drive home his 'reasoning' for invading Iraq. That's why. Why did I mention Fox news? Well, because it is the major network famous for continuing the well-known falsehood that Iraq had anything to do with 911. That's why.

I'm angry? You're damn right I am. Bush should be on trial for war crimes and lying to the American people. I think killing nearly 2,000 American soliders and 100,000 Iraqi civillians for the sole purpose of capital gain is not only grounds for outrage but immediate impeachment.

Peace unto you, my fellow human, and pray for peace here at home and around the world. For in the words of the buddha, violence begets only violence. It always has and always will. Support our troops by demanding their immediate return home.

Best, daughter of dead viet nam vet

Anonymous said...

Daughter of a vet huh? What do you think we were stealing from there??? Do you have no pride as an American all??? My guess for invading Iraq would be to stop the mass brain washing of the poor and to make the proud people of that counrty self sufficient. You might want to check into that oil scandal a little deeper. I have suggested before that education might be a viable answer, to the threat of terrorism. You also might want to ask the peace loving idots in France how they feel about the oil for food program, and why they were really against the war in Iraq.(sic)LOL Actually we were selling arms to Iraq to defend Afganistan from Russian invasion....... but still our friends in Russia held no grudges as they were friendly with the oil for food program as well. As far as the USA stealing stuff??? As far as I know..... people from all over the world come here to do just that, because we have just so many freedoms.( the patriot act does not affect these thefts so I cannot see it as life threatening as you might)I just view 9/11 as a wake up call. For security reasons, and for humanity related reasons. I personaly feel that Iraq was a strategical move in the war on terror. I may be wrong but thats what I feel. I'll think about you and wish you well, as I am not religious, so I dont pray. But, buddism is pretty cool.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...
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Jeneiene Schaffer said...

I am very proud to be an American - hence my anger at how things have come to pass with the Iraqi invasion. If I didn't give a damn then perhaps my pride wouldn't exist. But then, this pride is superceded more by the realization that we are all more connected than separated by country lines on a map.

The 'freedoms' that people come here to enjoy are increasingly more capitalistic than democratic. What is so twisted, so ironic in a sad, sad kind of way is that those who support this invasion claim we are there to protect 'freedoms' while those so-called 'freedoms' are being eliminated each day. Maybe you think freedom means 12 brands of toothpaste at the local Costco.

Nothing to fear from the Patriot Act you say? Is this act the basis of a democracy? To snoop into the lives of your spending habits, your vacations, your bank accounts? Ben Franklin, one of the founders of this democratic nation, once said that when you give up freedoms for security you are left with neither. Do you really think that snooping into our private lives will weed out terrorists? It will only make them more under the radar screen and harder to find. And, as many non violent and peaceful protesters already know, the REAL reason for this act is to find, harrass, and villify lawful citizens exercising their Constitutional rights. So much for protecting freedoms. Hell, we still have 12 brands of toothpaste for the discriminating American consumer. Let's hear it for freedom to waste!

What did we want to steal in Viet Nam? How about: a way of life that existed for over a thousand years, and political structure that threatened our capitalistic one.

Again, I am aghast at how one could think invading Iraq is a strategic move against 'terrorism.' Since this invasion has began, 'terrorism' has increased dramatically world-wide. Make Iraq a 'self-sufficient people'? They had running water, electricity, well-run schools, and food to eat before we got there. Many Iraqis want us the hell out of there, and no wonder.

When we finally withdrew our troops from Viet Nam the sky did not fall, the roof did not cave in, the hordes of locusts did not descend upon the US. Nor will this happen if we pull out of Iraq now. We must end this culture of fear and defend the true cornerstones of our freedoms-the US Constitution. And, to do that we must begin at home before sticking our guns in other countries.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about having 12 brands of anything. My freedom is making my own choices. My most prized choice is having a way diferent opinion than you, as I ma sure there are many more out there. I like lots of different choices and opinions...... for me to think of myself as ALL KNOWING is ridiculous. I respect your opinion as I do my own.( of course I see your points of view)I don't think of everything as a conspiricy. I could care less who knows what I spend and why and where. It's not much, and its because I have to.... I have not a thing to hide. I do know freedom is not free... thats not an instilled fear... its reality. As I am suffering yet another blow financialy because a religious entity wants to move to the town I live in. I know its far off our discussion but it leads me to think of how exactly freedom isnt free, and usually the middle class winds up paying for all of us to be included. lol I must go and tend to more important matters now.
I hope we can carry on this discussion at another time

DRP said...

Argue on your own blog.

Anonymous said...
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Jeneiene Schaffer said...
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