Saturday, August 13, 2005

Grooving on the dream of love scent

I see a dream. I have a dream that all people will live in harmony with the earth and each other, no longer warring over our differences.

I have a vision. I have a vision that evil is peaking now with Bush/Cheney and it will sink to the fires in my lifetime. It is a clear vision without so much pollution and greed.

I want a scent. A smell of life, food and clean nature. The scent of lovers' sweat and the western rain on a hot day. The perfume of clean water.

We need the love. The love of a species homo sapien, and deep desire to do the right thing. The love of family and friends. The love of the common good.

Summer moves with the clouds, warming our hearts and minds. Grooving on the growth of laughing next generations.

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