Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mayors team up to fight global warming pollution

Filling a void in national leadership, 175 US Mayors are teaming up to fight global warming pollution.

Seattle has taken many steps to cut global warming pollution from city fleets, including running buses and Seattle City Light trucks with biodiesel. Portland has also done a lot to help.

Curbing global warming pollution is a critical issue for Arizona and other hot states, and cities should take the lead. Sadly only one Arizona city is listed as helping in the Mayors' national effort, and a map shows it as near Kingman!?!

Many cities in Southern California are on board, and if they can do it so can Arizonans. Tucson Mayor Walkup should join this important effort now, as should Phoenix.

Global warming pollution is one issue too hot to ignore. A collection of local solutions lead by cities could become the American solution.

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