Monday, August 15, 2005

Pima County AZ backs Endangered Species Act

TUCSON -- In a 5-0 vote today, Pima County Supervisors passed a clear resolution in favor of a strong Endangered Species Act. The important environmental law is under attack by the Bush administration, industry, and anti-conservation politicians in congress.

Republican Supervisor Ann Day, sister of retiring US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, stole the show with her strong statement in favor of endangered species protection and against US Rep. Pombo (R-CA) for his attacks on the Act.

"I'm a conservative Republican, but I believe in conservation and the Endangered Species Act," said Day. Republican Ray Carroll also supported the resolution, which was proposed by Board Chair Sharon Bronson and supported by Supervisors Elias and Valadez, all Dems.

Pima County is the first county in the nation to pass such a resolution, and will send a copy of it with a letter to the President and the Arizona congressional delegation. The Act spurred cooperation and creation of the popular Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

The Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife did a good job organizing this and turning people out to the meeting to support the Endangered Species Act.

It was a day to be proud to live in Pima County.

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