Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush stumbles along as nation crumbles

No leadership, no hope. bushgreenwatch.org

WASHINGTON -- With the public angered at the feds sorry response to Hurricane Katrina, record high oil prices, a failing and costly war in Iraq, and our economy headed toward recession, most people must now see Bush's incompetence.

The GW Bush failure is undeniable, even to most right-wingers. Bush supporters such as Sen. Kyl (R-AZ) must go, and I hope Jim Pederson or someone else OK runs and beats him next year.

Is anyone really surprised that the historically racist US government had such a bad response to the storm? C'mon, most of the people down there are poor and black. They are not the GOP base.

The bayou reeks of death and destruction while our troops and equipment fight a pointless oil war in Iraq.

Our taxes keep going up, but all the money goes to the Pentagon for wars.

Caring nations of the world, please liberate US.

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