Monday, September 26, 2005

Will the cost of gas get people off their ass?

U$A -- Prepare for gas prices to rise again post-Hurricane Rita. Even Bush is encouraging conservation in these times of tight supply.

I don't mind the cost of gas going up, mostly because I've already learned how to live without being dependent on my car. When I do need my car it is efficient and I plan trips wisely.

I am not alone in favoring higher prices. James Surowiecki, a financial columnist for The New Yorker says a 50-cent gas tax would make drivers pay for the real cost of cars on the road and make business cater to the fuel-conscious.

I still see many big SUVs and other oil hogs speeding around daily with the A/C blasting. This tells me the cost of gas is not yet high enough to spark real lifestyle changes.

Motorheads, will you just pay more and more? Or will you finally get off your ass, park your car more often and walk, carpool, bus or bike? You'll feel great when you do. Plus you'll help our country and planet.

We'll see how higher prices play out in the future, because I don't think prices will be going down much for a long time, if ever.


Anonymous said...

I live in a very rual area, and I must commute.( apprx. 5 miles one way )There is no way around this. I have a very conservative vehicle.( not a hybrid)I also plan my trips very wisely.The rising prices are really digging WAY deep in my pockets. I have been taking money from my grocery budget to pay for this. So, needless to say... I have extreme issues about the cost of fuel, as of lately. I feel as though the hybrid products( or any other products) must me made plentiful, and at a price that most can afford...... in order for this to work. Do not worry... I don't think they will be coming out with an ugly-ass H2 hybrid anytime soon.LOL

shrimplate said...

You can cut down on trips and purchase a more fuel-efficient car, but you cannot lower the cost of transporting broccoli from California to your local Basha's.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure if the price was high enough... somebody would get off their ass and create a special " children need more broccoli club". See? problem addressed..... its all paid for?lol no worries?