Thursday, September 01, 2005

Workers stiffed by ASARCO as Labor Day nears

TUCSON -- The over two month old strike by over 1500 ASARCO mine workers continues as Labor Day approaches.

ASARCO mine strike c...

ASARCO/Grupo Mexico won't offer workers a fair deal, even during this time of record high copper prices. It's bad corporate anti-worker politics.

The strike could be more effective if the picket line was in town at the ASARCO headquaters north of downtown. Union organizers are missing an opportunity for many Tucsonans to join them for justice. Most people can't go to Hayden or the Silverbell Mountains for strike solidarity.

I'm thinking about the striking mine workers this weekend, wishing them well. Their strike is justified, but the company may try to wait and starve them out to crush the resistance.

El Grupo may mothball Arizona operations and increase foreign mining rather than play fair and strike an ethical deal. Then they'll come back later and re-open the mines with no union.

Think of justice against corporate greed this labor day. This holiday is about work even though many take the day off to rest.

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