Saturday, October 15, 2005

AZ quarter should show natural & cultural heritage

PHOENIX -- Arizona is soliciting ideas for its state quarter design. I'm still working on my design for our 25 cent coin, which will celebrate our rich natural and cultural heritage.

I envision a beautiful quarter with the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, sunset with raptor, and pine trees at top, Geronimo holding a rifle at lower right near the canyon, and saguaros with a pygmy owl nesting and a gila monster at the bottom.

I've been collecting the state quarters, and many feature natural scenery, including California, Oregon, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Kansas. These are the coolest designs that make you think positively of the state and more likely to visit. The California design is especially well done.

The governor's office and others are seeking quarter image ideas and will finalize a design over the next 2 years. Check out all the state quarters.


shrimplate said...

Great ideas for a design, but I think you left out one crucial image: that of somebody carrying a loaded gun in a bar, drinking lemonade. Or kool-aid. Whatever.

No, I am out to repeal the 2nd Amendment. I just sometimes question the sagacity of some of our laws.

LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

That is a fantastic idea for a design. Disregard Shrimplates comments about the guns, he forgot his medication this morning