Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush 'pit bull' Miers stumbling right toward a fall

WASHINGTON -- Bush's favorite 'pit bull' pick for the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers, seems to be on her way to being rejected.

Here she is speaking in April to the American Tort Reform Association, a front group for industries who don't want to be held accountable in court for harm they may cause to society. ATRA also is a national partner of the American Justice Partnership, launched in 2005 by the National Association of Manufacturers, which is headed by John Engler, a true right-wing crusader and former GOP governor of Michigan. Miers buddies also are pushing the Lawsuit Abuse Reform Coalition, which boasts a laundry list of corporate members.

I'm sure Miers is a great corporate attorney for Bush and all her past big money clients, but she is not fit for our highest court, or even to be a judge at all. She's kinda like all the Libertarians who want to take over the government they claim to hate.

Miers would almost certainly be an 'activist judge' which is what the Bushies demonize, but she'd be a right-wing activist judge so that's OK in the eyes of GOP hypocrites. It seems clear she would vote to end abortion rights for women, and likely also give more power to the state and corporations over the rights of citizens.

Key Senators sure seem suspicious and upset with her for not being responsive in providing information they need to evaluate her qualifications. Miers is a terrible pick for anyone who cares about fairness on the court for the public-interest. No one seems fooled by her, but it'll come down to who has the most guts and determination in the Senate.

Will the big money win, or the public interest? If dems and ethical GOP Senators do the right thing she'll be gone in a month, forcing Bush to hopefully nominate someone more appropriate.


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

And all who agree with you said...AMEN.

Shes a horrible pick for the court. Its the first time in 5 years that Bush actually managed to piss me off to no end, but it stops with the nomination :)

Stan said...

I don't want her on SCOTUS either, but who I would like to be nominated would probably not be liked by DRP.