Monday, October 10, 2005

Community backs striking mine workers

TUCSON -- Tonight at the 1st Christian Church about 100 people gathered in support of striking ASARCO mine workers. A panel including me, elected officials, and faith leaders listened to tales of ASARCO/Grupo Mexico's disregard for workers, communities, and the environment.

City Councilman Steve Leal had a great idea of using state law to seize ASARCO properties as 'nuisances', and win sanctions against the sale of Grupo Mexico products in the US. Both are ideas with merit that need more looking in to.

We discussed what a scam it is for Grupo Mexico to take all ASARCO's assets, then claim it is broke.

The momentum is growing in favor of the mine workers, who I hope can hang on until justice is won. Call 520.628.1562 to support the strikers.

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