Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jon Kyl for retirement, not Senate

PHOENIX -- Jon Kyl, AZ's nutty Senator, announced today he is seeking a third term in the US Senate. He's already had two terms too many, aggressively serving corporate and police state interests above common Arizonans. Kyl is a shameless right-wing zealot and Bush bootlicker in the Senate, an embarrassment to the Grand Canyon state.

I and many others will be working to defeat Kyl in the next election. We don't need any more big government republican thugs mis-representing us in the Senate.

I don't know much yet about his dem challenger, Jim Pederson, but I do know he'd be better than Kyl. Perhaps we'll also see a smart independent step in to the race?

Jon Kyl, not for Senate, for retirement!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Let's get rid of this clown - he never represented MY interests!

shrimplate said...

Kyl has to go. So does McCain, but Kyl is an easier target and he has no record, other than playing the role of Bush toadie, to run on.