Saturday, October 29, 2005

Strike hard now to weaken Bush/Cheney & GOP

WASHINGTON -- With all the trouble Bush & Cheney are having, now is the time to turn up the heat.

Scooter Libby and perhaps Karl Rove are headed for prosecution for serious crimes. Just as I predicted, Harriet Miers has bit the dust. The unjust Iraq war is failing.

Ethical Americans must go after these two dangerous warmongers now -- in the streets, in the media, in conversations, on talk radio, against Tucson's Rondstadt & Dunbar, and everywhere.

Let's run Bush/Cheney and all the other crazy baldheads out of town, or at least chop them down for 3 years of weak lame duck status.

More people are finally waking up to these deadly dishonest scammers. The US may be headed for the biggest anti-GOP backlash in a long time. I hope so.


shrimplate said...

My questions are always for those Republicans who adhere to the small-government, fiscally-responsible, strong-on-defense, law-and-order concepts traditionally associated with the GOP.

Reagan changed all that, and now Bush the Youngerer has blown this completely out of the water.

Bush has explosively expanded the size of our debt and government.

He failed to defend us on 9/11, despite the specific warnings that flowed across his desk.

His own drug use, military commitment failures, and SEC problems show his personal disdain for the laws by which the rest of us must live, and now members of his administration are being indicted for crimes related to treason.

So I ask my Republican friends, why do you endorse this man? How can you tolerate even being associated with such a failure? Why do you support him and his cronies with votes and money?

Aside: the word-verification code that I was required to type in to register this comment was composed of the letters r-i-p-d-i-e.

Happy Halloween!

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

I encourage all my liberal and progressive friends to read the book Don't Think of the Elephant. It states that most people in the US these days (for lots of not so good reasons) vote for canditates with whom they identify not necessarily for the values those people hold dear.

So, Bush's folksy dumbed-down approach wins fans. But like the title of the recent issue of Adbusters reads: "A crack in the facade". Let's widen that crack to a full-on earthquake.