Friday, October 21, 2005

Suspects Herget & Newman in jail for Rillito attack

enlarge image
Lincoln Lee Herget
enlarge image
Christopher James Newman

TUCSON -- Here are the guys TPD picked up for hacking saguaro cacti to death.

People seem very pissed about this. I was on the John C. Scott radio show this morning and John was ripping them hard.

They'll have a tough time of it with prosecutors due to their past criminal records.

How about lashes with a cholla whip? Then plant 1000 saguaros each to help restore livestock hammered desert public lands.

I hope they will learn some respect for our world.


Anonymous said...

By the looks of them... they haven't a clue. I would even venture to say that they own quads. LOL

Kiva said...


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Yep they look Republican to me.

Has anyone asked them their politics yet?

Anonymous said...

I say they are scientoligists.