Thursday, November 17, 2005

Community solidarity helps win ASARCO strike

TUCSON -- Union copper workers are back on the job at ASARCO this week after a four month strike.

No doubt that community support and involvement of environmental, political, student, labor, and faith leaders helped back down ASARCO's evil parent company, Mexico City-based Grupo Mexico.

A stronger coalition has emerged, and we won't stop pushing for environmental and human justice. Demanding always that corporations show responsibility and respect for nature and people.

El Grupo may have had enough with our strength. Rumor is Phoenix-based Phelps Dodge may buy ASARCO or some of its key assets.


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

I wonder the wisdom of management at Asarco. Environmental issues aside they underpay their workers and the strike was about the workers getting the rightful dues.

At a time when companies like Phelps Dodge are making a killing on the copper market Asarco is losing.

Asarco = the walmart of the mining industry.

Anonymous said...

Though I tend to wholeheartedly disagree with most of your commentary, I do read it with an open mind, hoping to see other viewpoints.

As for the comment above, it should be noted that Asarco employees are paid far higher than those of Phelps Dodge or other non union operations, and the strike gained the USWA nothing - a four month unpaid vacation, and exactly what ASARCO/Grupo offered them to begin with.