Wednesday, November 16, 2005

'Environmental Darth Vader' quits Bush team

WASHINGTON -- One of the most anti-conservation political appointees in the Bush administratrion resigned today. Craig Manson, Asst. Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife & Parks, likely has killed more wildlife and habitat protection than any previous Washington bureaucrat. Leading conservationists have called him the 'environmental Darth Vader'.

Manson says he's taking a teaching job at a college in Sacramento.

Maybe he just got a better job. But it could be that he quit due to recent investigative reporting in to his environmental attacks, including recently in the LA Times and today in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Or perhaps Manson was pushed out due to Bush's massive and growing political problems, and the White House decided it no longer wants the bad press he invites by his attacks on endangered species and habitat protections.

The big question is what will Manson do between now and the end of the year, when he is set to step down? Another one is who will replace him?

It seems America could hardly do worse, but you never know with GW Bush in charge.


Streamnut said...

Thanks for the crucial update Daniel.

Now you can picture me screaming Hallelujuh with as much vigor as yourself at Desert Forum with the news I brought to the table-desert grazing subsidies seeing their last ugly days.

Evildoers employed by our government must go and the pursuit of justice in the name of imperiled wildlife & habitats must always be America's promise to future generations!

Anonymous said...

Glad he's going,but one fears what he might teach. Anti-conservation? Nonecology?
Unfortunately I can't see dubya getting someone to be MORE concerned about the environment, only less. This misadministration is now in its final pillage mode.