Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Keep the Tucson food co-op downtown

TUCSON -- The Food Conspiracy co-op, in business as long as me, since 1971, is considering moving to another store.

This may be needed to offer more selection of organic foods, health products, beer & wine to people. The current 4th Av. store is OK, kinda funky but it works. It is one of the good food co-ops in the western US. I know because I used to work at the co-op and still do most food shopping there every week.

A new store may be better, but it should stay downtown. But is a new store truly essential? The current store seems to do the job, and appears sustainable. Maybe an addition could be built onto the back?

Now, the co-op is one of the only full grocery stores close to downtown Tucson. Many people walk or bike to shop there and love it. Moving it to a stripmall with big parking lot would be a mistake, and many of the best, most regular and loyal current customers and members would be lost to places like the 17th St. Market and Trader Hose.

Co-op shoppers, board, and downtown boosters should be interested in keeping it downtown, and follow this issue to ensure the store doesn't flee to try to serve sprawl-dwelling wannabe yuppies. The co-op would fail at this expensive attempt. That is the Wild Oats marketshare.

The Food Conspiracy shouldn't move just because some people can't parallel park a car. If you wanna drive, time to learn.

Even if a new store is needed, keep the co-op in downtown Tucson.

All the people in downtown neighborhoods now and soon need healthy food, and someplace to spend all our money.

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