Monday, December 12, 2005

Bush lets down US and world on global warming

MONTREAL -- Bush administration delegates acted shamefully -- walking out and refusing to cooperate -- at the international meeting of nations on how to deal with global warming pollution.

Luckily other nations were not amused or influenced by the U$A tantrums. The global community agreed to new talks on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Global warming is not a joke. It is not debated scientifically. It is happening, and we better get serious now about curbing it. Our children (and my child) depend on action now, not more hot air BS from Bush, big energy lobbyists, and Dick Cheney.

Bush could've and should've taken responsibility in Montreal for solving a major problem America mostly created. Instead he foolishly ducks and makes excuses, jeopardizing the future of life on Earth as we know it. I hope other world citizens realize so many Americans are against Bush's immoral administration, and give us another chance when we finally decide to help solve crucial world problems like global warming.

Even though Bush is a big problem, Americans can still realize big progress through individual daily action. Energy conservation and cutting our driving habitats would help clean the air and cut global warming pollution, and we'd be healthier too. Do it and you'll feel better.


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

The fact of the matter is sir....The United States already does MORE than the rest of the world to do our part for the environment.

Limbaugh (yes, he is a long winded douche of an airbag) had a caller on yesterday that was quite entertaining.

Bush is not to blame for the worlds woes friend....the world is to blame for the worlds woes. This situation would have happened REGARDLESS of who was in the white house

Anonymous said...

"The United States already does MORE than the rest of the world to do our part for the environment."

To do our part in damaging it maybe.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming!!!, Green house gasses!!!, C02 emissions a major cause!!!.

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Just think of the great service you will be doing for the environment and humanity once you complete these simple tasks.