Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Government kills Tookie Williams' peace message

SAN QUENTIN PRISON CA -- Maybe he did it, maybe not, but no matter what he's dead now. Tookie Williams, famous LA 'Crips' gang founder convicted of four murders, but then turned peacenik in prison.

I thought the CA Gov. may let him live the rest of his life in prison, but why would the Terminator leave anyone alive?

I don't support state-sponsored killing. Since the death penalty was reinstated in the US, the government has killed a prisoner every 10 days on average.

Are we better off as a world with Tookie Williams killed by the state? I don't think so, and I'll always have concern when the government holds such extreme powers to kill people. You should too.


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

While I agree with your anti-death penalty stance you and I differ on the reasons...but that is something I posted on my blog.

Tookie Williams deserved to die. I followed this case from its beginning and there was irrefutable evidence that he did it. The Governor himself stated that if Tookie had fessed up he could have considered clemency, but Tookie never did, and he paid the price for it.

Are we better off as a world with no Tookie? Yep, he is not living off the money of the taxpayers any longer, and he is no longer a danger to the guards and other inmates in prison...check his record, you will see he was not a nice guy in prison, the childrens books were a pathetic ruse to divert attention from the real issue.

laura said...

I say you have to ask yourself a few questions here. Did the man kill like 4 people? Well, the evidence says so, he was found guilty. Did he serve purpose in jail? I don't think anyone does... on death row, or life in prison. Once you have failed the common law, meaning killing someone in cold blood, what purpose do you serve really? Waiting to die in jail? Where is the justice for the victims family? They have done not a thing to this man. I pitty anyone who has to make a final decision on someones life... but someone has to. Those of us who are on "the outside" have respect for life, so we are indeed leary or against the death penalty. I'll tell you though.... if one of my family members was brutaly murdered for 100 some odd dollars... I would be happy that he/she is gone. Tookie will have to answer to his maker now..... and theres no way around that.

Corisande Jover said...

You said in a few sentences what I was about to (try to) develop on my blog. Then, and because i had already been writing today on something else, i just put a link to your blog... Thanks for that!

JOCYLN said...

hey i am disagree´cause i read the book about his life in prison... and nobody knows how much suffer he passed in the prison after he got a death row.... so i am consent that he was the co-founder of the ´crips´ and he was found guilty of 4 murderers and whatever more...but he wrote this book LIFE IN PRISON... and he only wanted apologizes and all of us have the right of have a second opportunity.... think bout that!