Thursday, December 15, 2005

Undergrounding I-10 downtown makes sense

TUCSON -- Undergrounding I-10 through downtown makes a lot of sense and I support it.

The freeway has been a major barrier between downtown and the westside for too long. Undergrounding the elevated freeway between Speedway/St. Marys and 22nd/29th will improve quality-of-life by reducing noise and eliminating the dividing 'wall effect' the road now has.

The reclaimed land above the tunnel could be an attractive park, just like Seattle's Freeway Park on top of an underground I-5 as seen in the photo.

Much of the traffic on I-10 is just moving through Tucson on the federal road, therefore the feds can help pay the cost of improving it.

Tucson City Manager Mike Hein and others are doing the right thing by taking one last hard look at the undergrounding option. I hope it works.


LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

I am right there with you man.

I have just one question though...

How long are the environmentalists going to tie this up in court once its approved?

Anonymous said...

When asked why AZ doesn't do more underground I was told that the sun-scorched earth is baked rock hard and a real pain to excavate. Hence no basements (which would be real cool spots in AZ summers), no underpasses, no subways. They excavate for pools though, water hazards on golf courses and artificial lakes. Go figure.