Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito would fail public-interest; Senate must reject

WASHINGTON -- Samuel Alito dodged through his Senate hearings this week. I watched some of it, and this guy is bad news.

He wouldn't even rule out that the President could legally order someone murdered. Alito is a soldier for extreme police-state like views and tactics. This isn't just about abortion, but everything.

With our American civil liberties under assault by big government and corporations, for the good of the nation we must keep Alito's anti-public interest zealotry off the Supreme Court.

I even called Sen. Kyl's office today to urge a no vote, but I don't expect he'll vote no. Kyl and Alito are like peas in a pod. But Arizonans should hassle him on this, and McCain too. Very likely they'll both vote yes along GOP party lines, just like they both usually do.

Why can't we get any real moderates for this critical appointment? That damn Bush far right ideaology. Only 3 more years. Wack.

The US Senate must find a way to boot Alito. Dems should block and shut down the Senate if they have to.

Justice O'Connor, the Arizonan, should withdraw her resignation, and stick around until 09. Please. I wish.


laura said...

HHHHHHMMMM Daniel, I think youre flat wrong on this one. This man is a good man. In fact hes from almost my home town, and I know many who know him personally. His whole family devoted thier lives to public service and so has Judge Alito. Can we go back 20 years in your life and judge you for childish things you may have done? Are you coming to your opinion from what he's done in more recent years? Just because he's not a FLAKE does not mean he's out to push an agenda. He's been nothing but a good judge.

shrimplate said...

Alito has been nominated not because he's a good judge, but because he represents a reliable vote against Roe and he's assisted the development of presidential "signing statements" in the Bush administration's consolidation of power.

He's the grease to the lightning of the extreme rightwing agenda. Don't kid yourself.

Republicans are always smearing opponents with things (often outright Swift Boat type lies) from long ago. But heavens, let us not apply the same to Republicans.

Alito's a lying hack and we deserve better.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Shrimplate. Couldn't have said it better.

LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

Like it or not, the man is headed to the supreme court, and dems wont use the filibuster because the pubs will bust out the nuclear option.

I love this country :)

laura said...

SSSSssooooooo what dems and indepedants are saying.... whomever the President choses they will vote against because #1 the President chose him/her, #2 Supreme court nominees will not state their stand on roe vs. wade.( as they are not supposed to)I have to say it again and again. One person alone cannot change a difinative law or any law. People are allowed to have an opinion on abortion without pushing their ( what FLAKES would call) agenda. Being a woman/republican/having and abortion...... I say roe vs. wade does nt give lisence to use abortion as birth control...which is another avenue of thought for some. Although I believe roe vs. wade is important to keep checks and balances on my privacy. I also believe that men should not have an opinion at all on this matter, but then again some would say that my opinion is one sided in that reguard. And btw shimplate, Judge Alito is a great judge....... please take the time to look over his records.

shrimplate said...

Yeah. His records suck.

He would have a married woman be REQUIRED to consult her husband before obatining an abortion.

Well, there goes free speech, and family privacy.

He would grant the president (even the future President Hillary) ABSOLUTE power to imprison anyone as an enemy of the state, for an indefinite period. Rush would like that.

And so would you.

laura said...

Well I must say to you shirmplate that the husband should know, don't you think? It usually takes two to make a baby... does it not? You also convieniently forgot to mention that there is an exception to that rule. The exception would be if the wife, and or woman would be in harms way admitting the pregnancy,and or ultimate decision to abort. Judge Alito stated that when asked his reasoning. You also neglected to mention that throughout these hearings Judge Alito was asked many times where his thoughts and direction came from... most was from Judge O'connor, and many other judges that are admired and respected. As far as enemy of the state..... If the shoe fits you must wear it. Did it ever occur to you that there are indeed people here that wish us harm? This is not made up... it's a fact. I don't judge whom these people might be, but I do know that they are clever and use loop holes in our laws to get around, and try and blow us up. No, I don't walk around in FEAR lol but I know it's true. That law will affect people with links to international terrorism. That's the bottom line, and like it or not the country has no time for FLAKES crying about a criminals freedom.
peace out

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Laura, there could be people living right on my street that wish me harm, but that in NO WAY gives our government the right to spy on us without due process of the law. Bush broke the law and if Alito were a good man and a good judge he would also agree that no one is above the law. But he didn't. He didn't even agree that Bush doesn'thave the right to murder anyone without following the law. Sheesh--that one was a no brainer!!

Unless of course you would like to live under a dictatorship then both Bush and Alito are your 'good' men.

Like one of our founders Ben Franklin once said, 'if you are willing to sacrifice your liberties for a little security, you will end up with neither.' Amen.

laura said...

We are at war, and we are at war with a bunch of thugs that will stop at not a thing to harm us. I dont sit arond and make everyone suspect. ( live in fear )But the minuite something happens it will be people like you sueing the feds when something does happen, for not better protecting you. We have had this discussion before, about spying. I could care less who spies on me.... I have nothing of intrest going on. LOL I am sure the spying applies to certain criteria related persons. I am sure with 2 billion people... the feds dont have time to sit down and say" hhhmmmmmm wonder what laura is up to????" Sometimes I do wonder who is really parinoid here, cuz its definitly not moi.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...


We are not at war, kiddo. "War" was never declared, remember? That's why we don't take 'prisoners of war'. We capture 'enemy combatants'.

We invaded a soveirgn nation with NO links to terrorism or WMDs. And, they, in turn, are protecting themselves.

laura said...

I love how you forget the facts.... Saddam broke so many sanctions, and was givin hhhmmmm about a months time to let UN inspectors in to evaluate. He was warned and he refused. And to whom are you refering when you say < they are protecting themselves???" Those people are insurgents mostly from other contries... because they have some sort of THUG stake in this. A third world country that wouldnt even allow women to learn. HHHMMMM thats why teachers are now getting blown to bits in Afganistan. Isnt that one of the countries that you said was fine before we got there??? LOL I also like the way you forget the fact that Saddam has already used WMDs on his own people. He fucking gased them. HHHMMM did he ship them to say Syria within a months time??? Iran??? Pakistan??? HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA whatever dude...

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Laura, you may choose to be deluded and fooled as long as you like. Too bad mass delusion leads to violence.

It's very sad indeed that you defend such a rude, mean-spirited, THUG such as Bush. When Clinton was president I did not defend him. However, how I wish we had him now.

So, in your book only America has the right, ahem-the god given right, to invade countries, start wars, send secret cia agents to instigate violence all over the world, and generally push our bad ass selves where ever and when ever we damn well please. Saddham gassed his own people. Yes. But we have gassed thousands in countless other countries for decades. So maybe some other of these countries can invade us and capture our President?

How arrogant! It's attitudes like yours that make people hate us so much.

laura said...

Mass delusion and people being fooled begets violence.... yeah, thats where I was going with my thoughts. That shit started in the middle east long ago. This will be my last post... on this issue. Thanks for the debating.