Thursday, January 26, 2006

Big gov't harassment inspires borderlands rhyme

SE ARIZONA -- 06 borderlands blues poem by a friend, a true story; spoken over trucker music, with harmonica.

Rolling down highway 83 in my big chevy.
US Border Patrol riding on my tail real heavy.

He's a pulling me over to the side of the road.
Checking to see what I've got in my load.

Nothing but a pistol and that ain't no shittin'.
A born and raised patriotic American citizen.

Now listen here copper, scolds my wife.
I sure don't appreciate you given us strife.

Leave us alone now won't you please.
We ain't your fans like those scared honkies.

(sing) Oh Border Patrol, Oh Border Patrol, please go back to O-hi-o.
Y'all are wrecking our desert home, so please go home and leave us alone.


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