Sunday, January 01, 2006

BLM & off-road racing threat to Pima County in 06

AJO, AZ -- Proposed off-road racing near the small desert town Ajo is bad idea. Too many off-roaders destroy the land, pollute the air, leave piles of trash, and often bring a violent culture of death, drinking and drugs.

Ajo is a neat town, with beautiful, rich, and fragile surrounding Sonoran Desert. Healthy landscapes are Ajo's best asset and attraction. The off-road lobby and Bush Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are targeting Southern Arizona lands for increased off-road abuse. We can't let Ajo's natural heritage be wrecked by uncaring and destructive Phoenix motorheads who can race in more appropriate places.

I've heard from many concerned Western Pima County residents against desert off-roading near Ajo. Congressman Grijalva, Supervisor Bronson, Governor Napolitano and other leaders should listen to constituents and push BLM to turn down destructive off-road 'wreck'reation.


shrimplate said...

When petroleum goes to $100 per barrel, off-road "wreck"reation (what a great neologism!) will probably become less of a problem.

We drove by The Craters outside Ajo in a rainstorm once. The way the crags emerged from the mists was surreal. It's a beautiful part of Arizona, which is why some people feel they must tear it up, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Helluva a picure, Dan'l. Ghastly business, this racing.

Anonymous said...

I love the desert that we race in.

Off road racing would bring some "unnatural" elements to Ajo.

Where do you suggest that we hold our races if not in the deserts of Arizona?

please comment in your blog thanks

DRP said...

ORV racing should be done on tracks, such as Pima Cty's. motorsports track near Tucson. Or on private lands specifically owned and set up for ORV racing (old ag. lands could be good for this). Racing must be carefully managed, dust kept down, avoid wildlife, etc.

The unwise proposed races near Ajo have been shot down, due to widespread citizen and landowner opposition.

Anonymous said...

Desert racing is a good thing to do. It helps churn up the soil and makes it easier for new plants to grow. I will continue to do it as long as I am able. Horses and cattle do more damage to the terrain than a motorcycle does. Long live desert racing.