Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Help the desert, keep Pima off-road park open

TUCSON -- Off-road vehicles are a pain. Loud, smelly, dangerous, and destructive. Which is why society and off-roaders need a place like Pima Motorsports Park on the SE side, where people can jump their trucks just like the yayhoo in this PMP photo.

As an ecologist, I am no fan of off-roading, but I agree with Supervisors Carroll and Bronson that the park should be kept open. Watch for other Supervisors to agree too.

Some county officials are considering making the off-road area a shooting range. Hey, perhaps the two activities could be combined? Lots of moving targets.

But seriously, let the motorheads have a small, well-managed spot, and help keep them out of the fragile desert.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Agreed, Daniel. Good to find another Tucson blogger with an environmental slant, as well.


rockitman said...

The "yahoos" will always go where they want to go, regulations/roads/approvals or not. I call them the 10-percenters.

Maybe the guy in the photo is a professional off-road racer on a certified course, maybe he is a 10-percenter, who really knows.

However, using that image to pass on the idea that you need to keep responsible off road recreation out of the forest (in legal riding areas) is as irresponsible as saying all extreme environmentalists should not be allowed to drive on the freeway because one guy (a 10-percenter) didn't have the wherewithal to stop his Prius on the highway for over 50 miles. That wouldn't be fair would it??? NO, that guy was a 10-percenter and NOBODY could change that.

I am all for keeping PIMA Motorsports park open as yes, it does reduce the use on designated trails and does offer incredible and challenging terrain to all kinds of users. My point is simply do NOBODY justice by trying to use a perceived 10-percenter (or could be a professional racer on a designated course) as an example of an incredibly responsible community of off roaders.