Monday, January 02, 2006

Nukeheads spark new uranium fears in native AZ

NAVAJO NATION -- Tribal leaders here on the giant NE Arizona reservation have moved to ban renewed uranium mining. Uranium killed and made many Dine people sick during earlier mining booms, and the illness and death continue today.

Uranium mining is growing, especially in Northern AZ. Bush/Cheney/BigEnergyInc.'s push for more nuke power is helping push mining speculation, and AZ is ground zero for radioactive big digging, mostly on your public lands, including near the Grand Canyon. Parts of New Mexico and Utah are targeted too.

Why aren't Bush/Cheney & Co. scared new uranium will fall in to terrorist hands and be used for a nuclear bomb? Oh yeah, the slick nuke lobbyists told them don't worry about it. Corporate security will handle it. Yeah, right. I'm not confident and neither are most people.

We don't need more nuke plants, or more uranium mining. There are better, cleaner, safer ways to produce energy. Leave it in the ground.

Thank you Navajo Nation for leading the way and protecting life.

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