Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2006 a time for power selling juice to the man

UPDATE, Feb 24: A solid, powerful home solar power system will cost about $10,000 up front, but then you get back $4000 in state and fed tax credits. With grid tie entire system should pay for itself in 12-15 years. I'm going to try to do it this year. DRP

TUCSON -- Getting the house scoped out for solar power tomorrow.

Looking to gain power and sell juice to the man.

Run my cooler in the summer.

Hope to go solar get it all done this year. Doing more about global warming. What are you doing?

I also want a backyard wind turbine, but need to talk with people in the hood about the tall tower it would need.

Chickens laying eggs. Spring dry is on in the Sonoran.

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laura said...

I'm with ya Daniel........ as soon as I own my own Casa I will being going solar as well. Already checked into it.... feds will help us alot with it.

Tulips and Dafodils are peeking out, promising spring... soon.
Will start preparing the mulch beds, waiting for my Boxer TURTLE friends to arrive.;)