Saturday, February 25, 2006

CheneyKyl money shakedown in Tucson March 23

TUCSON -- Dick Cheney will be in town March 23 to raise money for Sen. Jon Kyl's campaign.

Dick will likely fly in on Air Force 2, land at DM, be wisked across town in a caravan of armored limos and trucks to the Westin La Paloma.

Once there the Veep will drink, eat, shake hands, tell tasteless jokes, mock real Americans, and for sure help Kyl raise lots of cash, likely half a million or more. The rich republicans there will be true followers of the Bush faith, and they love Cheney.

Cheney won't really see Tucson and its barrios. He won't visit the veterans hospital. Dick C. is not welcome here. Nor is out-of-touch Kyl, a right wing fanatic who should be voted out by Arizonans in Nov.

Maybe AZ progressives will get it together for a real protest outside the event? Cheney and Kyl should be booed out of town with the other crazy baldheads.

Senate candidate Jim Pederson should do a big event also in Tucson that night. He really needs to step up his campaign, and the CheneyKyl, Inc. event is a chance to do that.

I hope the VP won't be hunting anywhere near me.


Mohave Liberal said...

Jim Pederson needs to do a hot dog and apple pie fund raiser while Kyl has all the big money people. $20.00 gets you hot dogs soda (beer?) and a big slice of all american apple pie. Discounts could be given to those who show up wearing an Elmer Fudd hunting cap.

Anonymous said...

I was stopped in traffic while cheney was in Tucson. Numerous Tucson policemen were busy 'protecting' the VP who was here for a political fundraiser. As a Democrat, I do not like my tax dollars being spent that way. How do the rest of you feel?