Monday, February 27, 2006

Conservationists support Giffords with Wed. event

TUCSON -- Environmentalists in southern Arizona seem to all be lining up behind Gabrielle Giffords for Congress.

It makes sense. She did have a very good green record in the State Senate. She can ride a motorcycle.

She has my endorsement. A big group of greens will be hosting a fundraiser this Wednesday evening downtown at Old Town Artisans.
Stop by, have a drink and some food, and donate to Giffords for Congress.


Anonymous said...

She ran against the Sierra Club Open Spaces Initiative in 2000, but she has learned from this mistake.

She has never had a tough vote on the environment, and the enviros that have endorsed her never bothered to interview her or the other candidates.

These endorsements without interviews give the Green Lobby a back room smokiness that lacks transparency.

She has never been a Clean Elections candidate, and the money that follows her seems to benefit businesses, rather than the environmnent.

She is to the environment what the DLC is to democracy: meet you halfway and then compromise some more.

Anonymous said...

Conservative businesses are the conservationists that fuel the money driving the Gabby limo.

These endorsements were made without interviews, more contrived than genuine.

I doubt that anything that points out this fact will make this blog.

What the Euros call propaganda, we in America call public relations.

This is a PR site that pretends to be green.

You are better than that. Gabby is not getting votes with these tactics, as they don't have the members of these groups involved, only the boards and directors.

Lets elect a Democrat this time, instead of a business.

Find an electable progressive, instead of this DLC money manager.

Anonymous said...

Check out FEC for a great list of realtors, developers and bankers giving more than endorsements.

They are the power behind the throne. You appear to be independent, so I hope you see the source of Gabby's money: the people who take no chances and support both sides.

Anonymous said...

Not many positive comments posted. I guess the groundswell is waiting for Gabby to define herself as a working class, pro green biker.