Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hot, dry, and firey is UA 06 forecast for southwest

TUCSON -- The current climate outlook is not good for the southwest, more hot and dry. Could be a killer summer, literally.

Look for lots of fires this spring and summer. We should all call for the Forest Service to largely let natural fires burn. Western forests need fires. But don't start one, jackasses.

I'll be enjoying the flowers in my yard this spring with Ruby. Hope you have some too.

Tough year for the desert, so leave her alone. Look to the skies and keep praying for rain.


kdf said...

Speaking of the desert as a woman:

"If the desert were a woman, I know well what like she would be: deep-breasted, broad in the hips, tawny, with tawny hair, great masses of it lying smooth along her perfect curves, full lipped like a sphinx, but not heavy-lidded like one, eyes sane and steady as the polished jewel of her skies, such a countenance as should make men serve without desiring her, such a largeness to her mind as should make their sins of no account, passionate, but not necessitious, patient--and you could not move her, no, not if you had all the earth to give, so much as one tawny hair's-breadth beyond her own desires."

Mary Hunter Austin, "The Land" (1909)

shrimplate said...

It would be quite rude for me to admit just what that description does to me. Pass the loofah, please!

It's all good. Bless the Sonoran Desert, and all the landscapes of our lucky world.