Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl glosses over Detroit's crash & burn

DETROIT -- All eyes on the motor city today as the Super Bowl is played. Sure, it's a big game, but what will it really do for this crumbling shell of a city that has lost almost half its population since the 1960s?

Hundreds of blocks of Detroit look just like the one in this photo -- burned out homes, factories, cars, junk & tires, bulletproof stores. I'm a Michigan native and have spent quite a lot of time there, watching my back always. Detroit is a very tough city as one of the roughest examples anywhere of industrial poverty, blight and collapse.

The Super Bowl may bring some short term cash to hotels and restaurants near Ford Field, and show some TV glitz flashed off the abandoned buildings downtown, but it'll take a lot more for motown to come back to what it once was. The NFL ain't gonna do it, neither are GM or Ford.

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