Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tucson better for bikes in motor crazed USA

TUCSON -- The Old Pueblo was recently named #2 best city for biking by a top US bicycling mag. It can't be too bad. I've been on my bike daily in Tucson since 1994.

Biking in Tucson is OK, but not great, and getting harder. The polluted air is getting worse, making the need to ride greater but also making it harder on our lungs. It is sunny and dry, but also very hot much of the year, and getting hotter.

Every year thousands more speeding, careless, SUV & cel phone addicts from California move here, and one of them almosts hits me on my bike at least once a week.

Tucson's high bike rating is an honor, but it is more of a reflection on just how dangerously hostile it is to ride in other American cities. Tucson is great when compared to Detroit, Phoenix, Houston, or most cities.

You can help make biking in Tucson even better by parking your car and riding instead. Fight global warming and big oil. Save money. Get exercise. Take back the streets with your friends and family on your bikes.


Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Sorry, Daniel--riding a bike in Tucson absolutely sucks and I'm mystified every year when Tuson is named for this "honor". I think maybe it's because we have so many fundraising 'bike for the cure fill in the blank' rides with panaromic views of our mountians. And, during the rides of course, the police keep the cars from squashing the out of town yuppie bike geeks.

Every time I leave the house with my little daughter in the bike seat for preschool and work I do two things: question my sanity for doing so and 2)pray that we both return home alive.

laura said...

Wouldn't it be better if we had portal - type travel? Like Star Trek. Id beam myself to someplace WARM!

laura said...

BTW, I own, and drive an SUV. I have a 22 year spotless driving record. The pic you have included with your post.... thats what it looks like on our rual roadways as soon as the temp breaks 50 for 2 weeks straight. I respect whole heartedly the reasoning for traveling via bike however, the " town yuppie bike geeks" are the ones who are dangerous in my book. Spanning 3 and 4 wide on curves in the road, spanning 3 and 4 wide on straighaways with no warning, traveling in packs of 20 or more wilst doing this....... I would suggest their own pathways, but it will never happen here. They are not commuting like you Daniel. And, whats with the bike garb?.. like they are training for the olympics. No hand signals... nothing.... idiots