Saturday, March 11, 2006

Arizona soaking-in critical winter rain and snow

TUCSON -- Very windy all day. We're getting some real rain right now, and snow down to fairly low levels. The cistern is filling. The air is clean and cold.

This photo from my neighborhood area isn't from today, but it looks like this outside now. Can the rain wash away what ails us?

Mt. Lemmon road is closed at the bottom, and lots of snow up higher. I talked with Pam at the Mt. Lemmon Cafe today about it on the phone. We wanted to go today, but can't, even in our 4x4.

The reliable word is that new, fast and big snowplowers don't want anyone else on the road when they are travelling downhill at 40mph. Highway Depts. are also spreading chemicals to keep ice off the Mt. Lemmon road, that will also wash-off into streams like Bear and Sabino Canyons.

So nice to get some real winter rain today, and hopefully tomorrow too, but it'll take a lot more storms to end our severe drought this year.

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Simmons B. Buntin said...

What neighborhood is that? Looks a bit like Civano or Armory Park Del Sol, with the alley, but I suspect it's an older Tucson neighborhood? That is an alley, right?