Monday, March 13, 2006

Latas a longshot, but don't rule him out in CD8 race

TUCSON -- Sat down today and talked with Jeff Latas, dem candidate for Jim Kolbe's (R) seat in congress. I like him. He could also be a good Independent candidate for the district 8 house seat.

He seems solidly progressive, especially on environmental issues.

I don't live in the district so can't vote in this race. I've already endorsed Giffords and I stand by her, but Latas as underdog is a guy to watch during the primary and in the future.


Kralmajales said...

I agree...he is impressive so far. I am a Giffords supporter and I think she would be better for the district for so many reasons. I just wish so many like Latas and Weiss would not be SOOOOO ambitious and make their first run at Congress. We need good people like them in our State state local government....they need seasoning...and experience...and we need them!

Our state is ruled by some really out of the mainstream Republicans...there could be so much more impact if a Latas or Weiss could run and make a difference here Giffords has.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Amen, amen, and amen. Grijalva has been an excellent model for this. Good comentary.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that JFK had people that thought he shouldn't be so ambitious when he first ran for public office, I beleive congress. I'm also sure that what motivates Jeff Latas is passionate, not a self centered in ambition.

Blue in AZ said...

I can understand how you wish that Jeff Latas wouldn't be so ambitious, but it's far too late. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross way back in what? 1991? He was working in Washington in 1994.

And don't forget that he had the courage to enter this race before Kolbe retired and the folks with only local experience seized the opportunity to run.

I would support Giffords, if she had made a difference on the national and international Latas has.

Turning AZ BLUE said...

Jeff Latas was quite impressive at the Democrats of Greater Tucson on Monday March 13. I have been told that he drew a crowd that was only surpassed by Raul Grijalva's appearance a while back. What I like best about Lt. Col. Latas (ret.) is his solutions to the problems. Some of the other candidates tell us what the problems are rather than providing remediess. He is the one for the environment. He even drives a Toyota Prius.

Anonymous said...

Latas is a godsend for not only district 8 Tucson but for Arizona and the entire USA. His combination of leadership and experience far surpass that of the young lady Giffords or the news person Weiss. These two seem to be waiting to see which way the wind blows before they jump that direction. Jeff, a progressive AND a combat veteran WITH answers is the best candidate BY FAR. WAKE UP ARIZONA.