Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pederson's Pima office a spark in Senate race?

TUCSON -- Jim Pederson for Senate opened his Pima County office today, and it's about time. His campaign needs some serious help, a much more aggressive daily assault against Sen. Kyl's bad record, as Pederson talks more about positive solutions.

Pederson will have to crush Kyl in Pima County to have any chance of winning in Nov. He should be in Tucson/S. AZ more often; at least twice a month, once a week would be better.

Looks like he'll need to spend a lot more of his own fortune too, seeing how badly Kyl is kicking his ass in fundraising alongside with Cheney and Bush. But that is not surprising given Kyl's reliable service to BushCheney Big Corpo-Gov't, Inc. Kyl supports big money interests, and they support him.

C'mon Jim, don't cheap-out, you gotta spend big to have a good chance. You've gotta be loud, clear, confident, and charismatic.

I hope Pederson can inspire people to step up and work for him in Pima County. He better do it soon. I missed the Pima HQ opening party, but it will be super-important for Jim to connect with key Independents, like me.

Kyl is too extreme-right to represent a majority of Arizonans. Jim Pederson, and all of us who care about true representation in the US Senate, will have to do more attacking of Kyl's record to pound that in to peoples' heads from now until Nov.

We also need to keep pushing progressive and sustainable solutions on energy, immigration, quality-of-life, and other key issues of our day.


Anonymous said...

charismatic, huh? I take it then that you haven't seen Jim. Because the last thing he is, is charismatic. You are right that he has a lot of money and he will spend it but when he speaks to a live audience, they are bored out of their mind. This does not bode well for him.

Mister T in AZ said...

He actually is pretty charismatic ... he really has gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH better on the stump in the past few months.