Friday, March 10, 2006

Top Bush environmental destroyer Norton resigns

WASHINGTON -- Gale Norton today resigned as US Interior Secretary. This position has more influence on Arizona, the west, water, and America's natural resources than almost any other in government.

It has been reported that maybe Norton is somehow caught up in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal, perhaps having hired some of his cronies.

She was terrible for the environment. The worst Interior Secretary since James Watt. Attacking conservation laws and programs since day 1. Real conservatives used to be about conservation, but not Gale Norton or BushCheney.

Americans are more and more concerned about the environment, global warming, and loss of quality-of-life. Gale Norton is a big part of those problems and I'm glad she's leaving.

Current Interior political appointees Lynn Scarlett or Julie MacDonald would be especially bad replacements for Norton.

Bush could be smart and appoint a true moderate conservationist to Interior, someone who will work with everyone and follow the law. He could, but likely won't.

How about former GOP pro-environment congressman Pete McCloskey (R-CA)? Bush could take him out of the primary race against Rep. Pombo (R-CA) if he did that, doing Pombo a huge favor. Then McCloskey and Pombo could fight it out in DC.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Glad she's finally history! Did you read where she wants to go live in the western mountains she loves? I'm sure she kept that bit protected. Someone should take all that nuclear waste destined for elsewhere and drop it on her driveway.