Thursday, April 06, 2006

Biodiesel a smart clean easy future fuel

TUCSON -- Biodiesel is a smart alternative fuel. We need more clean diesels in the US using biodiesel.

My Center desert work truck, a diesel 88 Chevy Suburban, is running great on B20. Much less pollution and stink, and it runs quieter and gets better mileage.

I am considering buying a 45-55 mpg VW TDI and running it on biodiesel, which is available at several good locations in Tucson and elsewhere.

VW is currently the only automaker selling diesel cars. But VW may have to stop selling TDIs in the US because oil companies won't clean up high-sulfur regular diesel fuel for US markets. That has to change now.

Hybrids are great, but when I drive I want my biodiesel.

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LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder said...

A friend of mine is currently manufacturing and producing bio-diesel himself, the inital start up cost was a lot, but the savings are worth it, not only that, he gets his oil for free.

What I am afraid of is that once bio-diesel catches on, its going to be taxed heavily and illegal to produce on your much for the working man..once again