Monday, May 15, 2006

AZ citizens fight Bush to keep pygmy owl protected

UPDATE, May 15, 2:30pm: Judge Bolton ruled against halting de-listing at this time. Important hearing set in Phoenix June 2 where she could decide owl should be protected.

Very disappointing, but this is just the first step and greens will keep doing everything legally possible to protect the owl. The owl is clearly endangered and rapidly losing habitat in southern AZ. DRP

TUCSON -- Local greens had to go to court Thursday to try to block the Bush administration from serving greedy developers by unjustly removing Endangered Species Act protection for the cactus pygmy owl.

Due to poor land management and political meddling from DC, it is estimated that only 13 owls are still alive in Arizona. Bush's wacko unethical position is that it's OK for the owls to die out and go extinct in the Grand Canyon State. Most Americans do not agree with the President's anti-conservation extremism.

Loss of the pygmy owl and its habitat directly relates to loss of our own quality-of-life in AZ. The Endangered Species Act works, and only continued ESA protection will save the owl in the Sonoran Desert.

This is a nationwide story, read about it in today's Washington Post or on KVOA.


Anonymous said...

So did you win in court-did you stop the delisting?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a shame that we have a government (led by a clown) that cares nothing for the environment.

AtomicToad said...

Hope is powerful. (letters help too) It is depressing to think that our government will just kill these owls off just to jerk a few developers. It's not just the owls. It is a whole habitat. Wouldn't it be great if we could get some laws that protect whole habitats as living organisms? But if we keep hoping, our government may lose this one and the last pieces of Sonoran Desert may be left alone.