Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush jumps for militarization of US-Mex. border

VOTE MAY 16 in Pima County RTA election.

TUCSON -- Prepare for 6000 more of these guys, walls, roads, prisons, and the National Guard along the US-Mexico border by the end of this year, according to Pres. Bush in DC.

It is a bad idea for Arizona and the southern borderlands. The best bill this year likely is no bill.

Bush's plan to use the guard will likely happen in AZ, where our dem Gov. has lamely supported it, even called for it. It will happen in TX for sure.

But it may not happen in CA or NM, where other Govs. have opposed using the guard. Bush wants to deploy at least 6000 guardsmen this year, adding stress to our already maxed-out military.

If the guard is used, it should be to build wildlife-friendly vehicle barriers in strategic and at-risk places, such as the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. Once the vehicle barriers are in place, agents should patrol in trucks only on roads right on the border or outside wilderness, and anywhere on horse or foot.

The fragile and unique border environment will be jeopardized by Bush's escalation of border militarization. It may be the final nail in the coffin of US extirpation of the cactus pygmy owl, Sonoran pronghorn, and other endangered species. Bush himself tonight said 'walls and patrols only will not stop (illegal immigration)'.

Bush's plan also fails to crackdown on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. He doesn't want to offend friends in big ag. and sprawl construction, etc. That would piss off the GOP base, and he won't do that. Those are his buddies, the only people in the world who really strongly support him.

How will Mexico and its military react? Mex. Pres. Fox does not support Bush here. Fox could send troops to the Mexican side to protect his country. All it could take is some shootings of the wrong people at the wrong time and a war could break out.

Bush will be in Yuma Thursday and I hope some local desert rats will protest and make it hotter.

But be sure to watch out along the border for the forseeable future. You and your family could get caught in the crossfire.


Mister T in AZ said...

In NM Richardson hasn't opposed the guard at border thing ... didn't he call for it the day before Janet did?

elRanchero said...

Where did you hear he will be in Yuma?

Anonymous said...

6000 agents to prevent 6,000,000 criminals from crossing into our beautiful desert and to stop additional pillaging of our fragile ecosystem seems like a pretty good trade. are you that against the idea of stopping the abuse of migrants by the rich ag farmers and corporations? ... have to respectfully disagree with you here Danny.

Anonymous said...

If this is really aterroism issue, why not put patrols on the Canadian border too.
Lets face it, this is about keeping Mexicans out

Kralmajales said...

Vote NO on the RTA...this is a plan that benefits sprawl...look at the road widening projects CAREFULLY...look where they are...THEN take a look at those who payed over a Million dollars to push this (developers, construction, real estate, and car dealers).

laura said...

If people would stop entering this country illegaly.......... all of this would not be happening. I totally see your points on our desparatly fragile eco-system, however, thousands of people crossing does damage too. Once again it seems as though people who are breaking the law seem to take no part in the blame. This is clearly a HUGE mess, that has many points of fall out.

shrimplate said...

Molly Ivins has it right. If you want to end illegal immigration, then jail the CEO's, developers, and restauranteurs that hire them.

Jail the soccor moms that hire the guys that pull their weeds.

Jail THEM, because THEY are also breaking the law, and things would be very different here.

Bush is sending in the Guard to appease his base, all the while protecting those who hire illegals. If there's any one things that all Republicans love, it's indecently cheap and unorganized labor.

Anonymous said...

"to stop additional pillaging of our fragile ecosystem"

I don't think so, Bush&Co haven't stopped pillaging our fragile ecosystem since he's been in office.

be said...

bye bye posse comitatus...